I live with my little family in a cozy cabin nestled in an old cedar forest~upon a mossy island, tucked away in the north Salish Sea.  Every day I love to swim in the sea, in water ribboned green with light, in the pouring wildness of the tides. When I return from the shining water I put the kettle on, pour a pot of warm tea and begin drawing my favorite, salty things...

The Sea~

'Stroke by

stroke my

body remembers that life and cries for

the lost parts of itself~

fins, gills

opening like flowers into

the flesh ~ my legs

want to lock and become

one muscle, i swear I know

just what the blue~grey scales


the rest of me would

feel like! 

paradise! Sprawled 

in that motherlap,

in that dreamhouse

of salt and exercise,

what a spillage 

of nostalgia pleads

from the very bones! how

they long to give up the long trek

inland, the brittle

beauty of understanding,

and dive,

and simply

become again a flaming body

of blind feeling

sleeking along

in the luminous roughage of the sea's 



like victory inside that

insucking genesis, that

roaring flamboyance, that


beginning and

conclusion of our own.'

-Mary Oliver